Should I Buy or Lease My New BMW from BMW of Utica?

Whether you're looking to buy or lease a new BMW, you're probably pretty excited about getting a new luxury car or SUV. Many of our customers at BMW of Utica have questions regarding leasing or financing their new BMW with an auto loan. We'll provide you with some benefits of each, so you can weigh the pros and cons for yourself to determine which option is the best for your needs. We'll ensure that you get a great new BMW and a monthly payment that matches your needs. Our financing specialists at BMW of Utica in Utica are always able to help you with any additional questions.

The Benefits of Buying Your New BMW With BMW of Utica

When you purchase your BMW with an auto loan, you'll have complete freedom to do with your vehicle as you wish. That means adding accessories whenever you'd like, being able to sell the vehicle to whomever you'd like, and you can have the vehicle serviced wherever you'd like. Since you'll build equity in your new BMW, you can use the vehicle to trade-in to purchase a new model. Unlimited miles and no wear and tear stipulations are also benefits when financing your BMW.

BMW Financing Terms and Incentives

When your new BMW is purchased, you'll make monthly payments to the finance company, and the vehicle is used as collateral to secure the loan. Special financing offers for well-qualified BMW customers are available at many points during the year, so saving money on your monthly payment is always a nice benefit of owning your vehicle. Those who plan to keep their vehicle for more than three years can benefit from financing their new BMW vehicles. Credit approvals are typically much easier to obtain with an auto loan, so for customers with less than excellent credit, buying a BMW is a good choice for Whitesboro, NY drivers.

The Benefits of Leasing Your New BMW With BMW of Utica

If you have a good credit history and want a newer BMW more often, then leasing is a smart choice for Oneonta and New Hartford, NY customers. BMW leasing offers are tailored to meet the needs of the individual that's an ideal candidate for a vehicle lease. You'll find mileage adjustment benefits, a program for those who use their vehicles for deliveries and passenger transportation, and more. Additional mileage is available for BMW lessees, so you won't have to worry about excessive overage costs. More information regarding the specifics of BMW leasing programs can be located on our dealership's website or by contacting one of our BMW leasing specialists.

BMW Leasing Terms and Incentives

With a BMW lease, you'll save money on your monthly payments, in most cases, when compared to financing the vehicle for the same term. Special offers are often available for a minimal down payment or a $0 down payment, so you could leave BMW of Utica with your new BMW and money in your pocket. Being able to take advantage of our leasing offers could land you in the driver's seat of a nicer BMW than you had imagined with our leasing offers. You won't have to worry about out-of-pocket costs for repairs for the vehicle since your BMW since your warranty will cover most items and stays intact for the duration of most BMW leases. If you're a loyal BMW lessee, you could qualify for additional discounts on your next vehicle. Tax savings are available for many BMW lessees, and a qualified tax professional can provide you with more information regarding this topic. As you can see, leasing a BMW provides you with many advantages.

Get Approved to Buy or Lease Your New BMW With BMW of Utica Today!

Whether you're in Oneida or Rome, NY, our financing team at BMW of Utica is ready to get you approved for a new BMW lease or auto loan to take advantage of our special offers. We'd also like to have you visit our BMW showroom in Utica, so you can try out your favorite BMW with a test drive. We're nearby in Utica, so contact BMW of Utica, and drive home in a new BMW today. Contact us to learn more about our new inventory, financing offers, and specials.

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